Everyone deserves an escape. A break from the real world. Moments alone with their thoughts and memories. Conversations with old friends…and new.

Cupid’s Candy Shop provides an escape. Whether you visit our original store in Downtown Pleasanton California, have us cater a special event for you, or simply buy a special gift online, Cupid’s is great choice.

Cupid’s Candy Shop specializes in unique, nostalgic, and retro candy, sodas, and gifts. With over 200 bulk candy items in stock it is easy to treat yourself or create your own custom gift as we offer a selection of gift boxes, bags, and wrapping to meet all your needs.
Candy Display

Our memories are moments in time. Come relive some old memories with us. We’ll bet you’ll find something that takes you back. Better yet, bring a special friend and create some new memories of your own.

We all deserve a break – an escape. Escape at Cupid’s Candy Shop – your hometown candy store.